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Ghost and Spirit Attachment Release Technique

There are many ways to determine if you have a ghost or spirit in your home. The most important thing to remember is ghosts are documented in history and throughout most spiritual and religious practices. Ghost are just people without bodies, people who might not understand that they are dead.

So what do you do if you feel like you have a ghost? I believe that it's a kindness to help them move on. Ghost are trapped between lives.

There are times when the ghost wants to live through someone, they like the feeling of living and remember they still don't know that they are dead.

This can often happen through suicide - a person is successful in committing suicide but when they separate from their bodies they don't know they are dead. They can sometimes connect with the person who grieves the most and then that person begins to have suicidal feelings. This is very common.

There are times when someone will experience spirit attachment. This occurs where an earthbound ghost connects to someone's energy field and tries to live life through them.

We are used to hearing this called possession and can happen when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, hangs out in bars, has a surgery, visits a cemetery, is the victim of a curse or psychic attack, or has depression.

Another event that can happen is psychic attacks and or curses, which are generated by people who send negative thought forms to someone. These thought forms are generated by our fears, grief, anxiety or jealousy and these thought forms can not only invite a spirit attachment but can also feed one.

If there is spirit attachment then spirit replacement is needed where the entity is removed from the living person and helped to their next level.

Curses and psychic attacks can also be removed by working with the negative energy that has been sent to you. A great way to balance this is to clear the emotional and thought energy forms from your home regularly.
A person may attract or be vulnerable to spirit/ghost attachment if they have -
Had a surgery
Been seriously ill or hospitalized
Strong thoughts of revenge, hatred, jealousy
Abused drugs or alcohol
Been depressed for a long period of time
Had an organ replaced or a blood transfusion
Tremendous stress, fatigue, burnout or exhaustion
Felt unloved, lonely, abused, cheated, victimized, useless
Played with the dark forces, channeled, wanted to please someone so badly they allowed themselves to be manipulated
Been extremely negative in their thinking and approach to life
Had a near death or out of body experience
Developed an attitude of, "I'll do anything to gain power, psychic gifts or material possessions."
Low self esteem, high level of guilt, self loathing
Returned from war
Been physically, mentally or emotionally abused
Experienced an extreme case of loss or grieving over someone they loved or something they loved
Worked in a morgue, cemetery, hospital or a funeral home

Common things associated with hauntings
Cold spots in the home, ghosts need energy to manifest and they will use the energy from a specific area, which creates cold spots.
Mists, or vapors might appear and be visible in the daylight or the darkness
You might hear footsteps, doors opening and closing, whispers, things being dropped or noises that represent what they did in life, things like the cook of the plantation rattling the pots and pans
You might experience the lights flickering, TV's or radio's turning on and off by themselves
Things might move, disappear books fall from the shelves things like that
Smells are common with haunting
You might notice shadows or catch something out of the corner of your eye, unexplained movement that you notice
Balls of light what we call orbs might show up in pictures or be noticed around the house or yard
Feeling that you are being watched
Feeling someone sit on the side of the bed or see an indention in the couch
Dogs & cats acting weird.
Your name being called.
Footprints appearing.
Strong negative emotions felt.

These are all common signs of a haunting
Ghosts can manifest in many different forms and show up anywhere day or night. Though they tend to appear more often at night.
Ghosts can look like Orbs or balls of light that float through the air they can be colored or white Shadow people move around and sometimes look dark Apparitions are the most commonly noted ghosts. They look like people and appear see through and can appear in period dress
Ghosts are really people who have died they are people without bodies. They have their own attitudes, personalities and emotions and they will exhibit behaviors in alignment with their personality.

Spirit Attachment

There is a study that says 70% of the population has experienced some form of spirit attachment in their life.

We've all heard people say things like, lights on but nobody's home, she's out of her mind, or when I drink I turn into someone else, when describing someone they know.

We also hear stories of people saying, I've never felt whole after my divorce or I wish I could take away your pain, or after her son died she turned into a different person.

If there is spirit attachment then spirit releasement or an exorcism is needed where the entity is removed from the living person. Always consult a professional if you feel you or someone you know has a spirit attached to his or her energy body.

Curses and psychic attacks can also be removed by working with the negative energy that has been sent to you. A great way to balance this is to clear the emotional and thought energy forms from your home on a regular basis.

Learning simple protection techniques for the home and people living there is also a good idea.

The best defense though is to raise the frequency and vibration of your thoughts and feelings and those of your home. When you do this by using positive thought and positive practices and have loving emotions you almost become invisible to the negative or dark forces because you vibrate in a different frequency.

It's not only necessary to remove an attached spirit or negative thought form you must also release it to the light. Just like releasing ghosts, you have to help the attached spirit go onto it's next level of awareness or it will just reconnect to the person it was attached to or to someone else.

Often times the attached spirit doesn't know it's dead you have to explain it to them or you have to help them understand that they are hurting the person they are attached to and you need to call someone to take the attached spirit to the light and on to it's next plane of learning or it won't go.

I'm going to share some of the more common signs associated with spirit attachment, please remember, if you have any of these symptoms it does not necessarily mean you have a spirit attached to you, most likely if you did you would no longer be listening to this show as that attached spirit would not want you to gain an understanding of this condition. There are many health care practitioners who do spirit releasement therapy if you feel the need to pursue this topic further.

Someone may begin to hear voices telling them to do things they wouldn't normally do, eat meat if they have been vegetarian for many years, or hang out in bars and smoke cigarettes if someone has been a non-drinker.
You can go back to a specific time in your life where you felt and acted different, people tell you often that you're not the same person any longer, or you've changed so much since your car accident or since your dad died.

You lose conscious awareness of part of your day, you have no memory of how you got to the bar you were on the way to your son's little league game and found yourself in a bar intoxicated.

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